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Person Centered Approach

Our person centered disability support plans look after what is important to you.

Person centered planning is structured around:

  1. Listening to your needs and understandung what you expect from your life.
  2. Helping you structure your current needs and future goals.
  3. Working with you to meet these goals with suport from you, your friends and family, health experts, and others.
  4. Exploring new opportunities for you to fulfil your aspirations.

Our strength based approach operates on the belief that every individual has strengths and unique abilities to write their own success stories.

Our skill development modules focus on the following elements:

  1. What skills do you wish to learn?
  2. What is motivating you to learn?
  3. As your top disability support provider, how can we provide you with relevant opportunities?
  4. How can we maximise your participation in the decision making process?
  5. Are there any conflicts between your preferences and MSMW’s protocols?
  6. Is there any risk to you?
  7. How will we address issues of trust, confidentiality, privacy, and cultural barriers?

Designing a task analysis is based on:

  1. Breaking down all complex tasks into simpler steps.
  2. Ensuring that we do not attempt to teach more than 6 steps in one day.

Role modelling is based on:

  1. What worked well?
  2. What did not work well?
  3. What can be done differently?