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Supported Independent Living

(Daily Tasks and Shared Living)

Our Supported Independent Living services focus on a holistic model of care and work with all the stakeholders to build the capacity for the individual which assist individual in living independently. All the SIL accommodations are tailored made to address the individuals needs. Our SIL accommodations fork on the following principles:

Active Support

At MSMW, we believe in creating an environment that allows you to be as independent as possible. Our program plans encourage you to be active and continuously acquire new skills during your time with us.

Personalized Support

Our person-centred support implies that you will receive individualised care at your time and convenience. Our trained and experienced staff work with you to meet your needs.

Community Engagement

Our support plans encourage you to be an active member of your community, and partake in community activities as per your preferences.

Person centered approach

We focus on the things and people that matter to you. This means that your unique strengths and choices will remain at the core of our support services.