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Positive Behaviour Support Approach

(Proactive & Reactive Strategies)

In South Australia, one in five people lives with a mental illness. These numbers are significantly higher for those with an intellectual disability.

Often, mental illness remains undiagnosed due to communication barriers, which make it harder for a person with a disability to express their concerns, feelings, experiences, and apprehensions.


  1. We have been providing support to those who have complex needs because of their disability and behaviour of concern.
  2. We recognise that individuals with a disability can acquire new skills that enable them to be independent and manage their behaviour to be more socially appropriate.
  3. Our staff operates on a strength-based approach that recognises the strengths of each person, regardless of their disability.

Our organisation has abundant experience in psychosocial disability support, with numerous success stories of people demonstrating behaviour of concern.

Our behaviour support framework:

  1. Person-centred disability support
  2. Stakeholder engagement
  3. Evidence-based assessment
  4. Promotion and protection of human rights
  5. Least restrictive practices approach
  6. Planning & developing a PBS Plan
  7. Staff training
  8. Plan implementation
  9. Monitoring & Evaluation

Testimony from Participants and Families:

Our family feels blessed to have found such an awesome team of carers who understand Dennis care needs and are very responsive. They also value Dens family and encourage a partnership in care approach. Our supported accommodation journey has been complex though since Den has been with My Support My Way we feel that the right doors are open.

Veronica Nurse- Guardian